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Most under bonnet dual battery systems with a DC charger would cost in excess of $2,000.00 and even then, you are restricted to your vehicle!

This unit really does have everything you could ever ask for in a dual battery system!

Available in two sizes (80 AH and 110 AH), the Thumper Outback DC incorporates the use of a sophisticated DC charger for both vehicle and solar charge.

The Thumper Outback DC unit is fitted with the option of either the Redarc BCDC1225D or Projecta IDC25.

This listing is for Projecta IDC25 model. This charger is designed to allow for an optimal input charge to be harnessed from both newer and older model vehicles as well as an unregulated 12 volt solar panel.

The Projecta IDC25 is hardwired into the Thumper unit using internal circuit breaker protection and heat sync protection, resulting in a portable battery system which is as simple as 'plug and play'.

The Thumper Outback has been re-designed with a SMART DISPLAY LCD Digital screen and internal 50 Amp shunt to allow you to monitor everything about your dual battery system, including:
  • Battery Voltage
  • Remaining Battery capacity (Amp Hour capacity)
  • Remaining run time at current load / remaining time left to recharge
  • Discharge / or / recharge load in Amp reading
  • Discharge / or / recharge load in Watt reading


Use of an sophisticated DC charger (hardwired to battery connection) 

Increased length of jumper leads - now provided at 1.8mt  
In built MPPT Regulator compatible with unregulated solar panels via the
Vehicle wiring loom included with voltage over-ride to suit new model vehicles
Compatible with charging from 12 volt or 24 Volt vehicle (input voltage 9 - 33v) Multiple outlet sockets, including Cigarette sockets, Merit, Anderson and USB
Easy movement between multiple vehicles

Bluetooth monitoring device installed

Thumper meets the Projecta IDC25 DC Battery Charger

The new range of Thumper Outback DC units unit are fitted with the latest technology in DC charging; The Projecta IDC25 (V5). This particular DC charger is designed to allow for an optimal input charge to be harnessed from the use of both newer and older model vehicles as well as unregulated 12 volt solar panels.

The Projecta IDC25 has been hardwired to the Thumper with internal circuit breaker protection and heat sync protection.

The IDC25 used on the Thumper Outback DC is designed to alter the initial voltage of your vehicle’s alternator output (input voltage 9-32Volts) in order to produce the voltage selected via the mode setting on the IDC25 (for example: selecting the mode to GEL setting will allow for the charging voltage of approx. 14.2 Volts when charging and a float voltage of 13.8 Volts).

As the input charge to the DC allows for voltages between 9-32Volts, the Thumper Outback DC is now compatible to charge from 24 volt vehicles!
The DC charger will operate like a step down converter, dropping an input voltage of 32 volts down to your selected chemistry (eg. Gel = 14.2 Volts).

The IDC25 unit offers a MPPT Solar Regulator rated to 25 Amps. The regulator has been hardwired into your Thumper Outback DC unit via an independent 50 Amp Anderson connector labelled ‘Unregulated solar input’. This outlet has been designed solely for the use of an unregulated solar panel (approx. input capacity 400-450 watts).

Vehicle Isolator:

The DC charger will act as the battery isolator to separate the vehicle main battery from the Thumper Outback when the ignition is OFF.

This will reserve the main start battery for the sole purpose of starting the vehicle.

The Outback has two methods of isolation:

- Normal operation (DC charger to act as isolator)

- Over-ride option for low voltage vehicles.

When left to operate normally (over-ride switch not engaged), the DC charger will act as the in-vehicle battery isolator. This component will isolate the Thumper pack from the vehicle's starter battery when your vehicle’s charging voltage falls below 12.7 volts. This function acts to protect the main start battery from discharge.

If left to operate normally, the DC charger will act as voltage sensitive. Voltage sensitive operation will require the start battery to reach and maintain 13.2 volts for approx 90 seconds in order to engage the DC charger and allow for charge to begin.

If the vehicle’s output voltage falls below 12.7 volts, or fails to hold 13.2 volts on start, then the 'over-ride' button on the Thumper must be used. This 'over-ride button' acts to over-ride the voltage required to engage the DC charger, allowing it to start charging at a lower voltage.

When using the 'over-ride', the isolator function in the DC becomes void (will not operate). If no isolator is installed in the vehicle when the over-ride is in use, it can result in discharging the main starter battery.

To overcome this issue, Thumper have provided a complete vehicle wiring loom (TUR-L) with every purchase of the Thumper Outback battery packs.

Simply install the TUR-L (provided) in the vehicle (suits all make and model vehicles) to allow the use of the 'over-ride' without the fear of discharging the starter battery.

The over-ride function:

In order to over-ride any low voltage issues, Thumper has equipped the Outback battery pack with a low voltage 'over-ride' switch.

The 'over-ride' switch is designed to work in conjunction with the DC charger and TUR-L (provided) to allow the DC charger to work as 'ignition activated' when needed.


When 'ON' the ignition switch will illuminate BLUE and will act to immediately engage the DC charger.

The DC charger will cease to operate as an ISOLATOR when the 'over-ride is ON and the vehicle's ignition is OFF

Note: The TUR-L must be fitted to the vehicle as the Relay mount in this kit will act as the isolator required to separate the Thumper from the main vehicle battery.

SWITCH IN OFF POSITION: When the 'over-ride' is 'OFF', the DC charger will operate as normal ('voltage sensitive').

The DC charger requires a minimum voltage of 13.2 volts from the main start battery in order to engage charging. When the main vehicle battery falls below 12.7 volts (indicating vehicle is no longer charging), then the DC charger will act to isolate the Thumper Outback from the vehicle's starter battery.

The 'over-ride' switch will illuminate BLUE when activated. At this stage the ISOLATOR will not operate in the DC Charger.

The 'over-ride' will have no illumination when OFF. The DC charger will operate as Voltage sensitive.

Bluetooth battery monitor

The Thumper Outback DC is fitted internally with a Bluetooth monitoring device. This exciting new component of the Thumper unit allows the user to monitor the Thumper’s stage of charge via a FREE downloadable app (available from the iTunes or google play store).
The Bluetooth battery monitoring app has been designed around the parameters of a fridge operating voltages.
The Bluetooth monitoring app provides a number of different parameters that the user may choose to monitor, from vehicle input charge, voltage history graph (the information will remain stored in the Bluetooth app for a period of 35 days), cranking tests and more.

The Thumper Outback DC unit comprises of the following sockets:
3 x Cigarette sockets
1 x Merit type socket
1 x Dual USB socket
1 x 50Amp Anderson for Solar input
1 x 50Amp Anderson for Alternator input
1 x Engel Fridge socket
1 x Comprehensive Digital display screen
1 x 175 Amp Anderson
2 x 50Amp Inlet / Outlet Anderson
     connector (wired bi-directional)

Part No.


(L x W x H)


DC Charge size



80 AH

330 x 265 x 218mm


IDC25 (25 Amp)

2 years
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