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Do you have a battery pack / Battery box and need more power?
Simply ADD the Booster Pack to increase your capacity by 60 AH!

The Thumper Booster pack has been designed to run in parallel with your existing AGM Battery Pack. The additional 60 AH of capacity will link to your existing battery system and allow you to increase your battery capacity by an additional 60 AH! Simply use the Anderson on the Thumper Booster pack to link to your existing Battery Pack / Battery box. The two batteries will then equalize and will operate as one larger battery (for example: If you added the Thumper 60 AH Booster to your existing 80 AH battery Pack, then you would have 140 AH of capacity!)

The unit is also compatible with solar and 240 Volt charging. (When charging via 240Volt do not use in excess of a 20Amp charger - charge via the Anderson connector)

The Thumper 60 AH Booster is equipped with a LED Digital Volt meter to allow for an accurate voltage reading of the battery's charge condition.

Please note: The following is recommended
- Linking batteries in parallel, the batteries should be within 2 years of age
- The Booster is an AGM chemistry. Please link only to AGM / Gel batteries

Are you looking to use the Booster Pack on it's own?

The 60 AH Booster is a great SLIM LINE alternative to a normal battery box / pack.

Equipped with a 50 Amp Anderson connector on the side of the unit, simply connect the provided Anderson double adaptor to one of our popular control boxes. This would allow you to access the battery's power from a more accessible location in your set up!

It’s 60 AH of available power will enable a camper to run their 40 – 50 Lt compressor type fridge for 2 – 3 days without the need for recharging.

Simply charge the Battery Pack direct through the 50 Amp Anderson connector on the battery housing from either solar / 240 volt battery charger or your vehicle charge.

If you require any further help with this set up or any other, please do not hesitate to contact our staff direct on 08 8391 3121 or use the MESSAGE US link at the bottom of this page!


Weight – 19.0 Kg    Length – 340mm

Height – 125mm   Width – 260mm

2 Year Warranty 
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