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Our standard tank range combines accuracy, durability and simplicity. The ease of installation and use has seen this range as gold standard amongst many caravan manufacturers for years. 

Quick and easy plug and play tank monitoring range for fresh and grey water tanks on caravans and camper trailers. Feel assured knowing that on your next holiday you’re trusting your water tank management with tough, Aussie made products designed for the rugged outback.

  • Quick and easy installation

Simple set up procedure with installation template included for accurate mounting of water gauge.

  • Voltmeter option available

Voltmeter option available in single tank + voltmeter and double tank + voltmeter. No extra work required at time of installation.

  • Real time display

Real time display and feedback. Data displayed is current and accurate- perfect when emptying or filling the tanks.

Our standard/non-programmable range is a 2 part purchase:

Step 1: Choose gauge (either LED or LCD) and what option best suits your needs. Click through to LED and LCD pages to explore more.

Step 2: Choose the cable length. With the non-programmable range- all senders come with cable attached. Simply choose from 2.5m, 5.0m and/or 7.5m lengths. Each tank requires its own sender and cable. 

Product dimensions are 107mm x 108mm

The non-programmable range is not compatible with any parts or components of the programmable range.

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