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  • Two Elements
  • Your choice of Bottom, Top or BOTH
  • Double the Cooking Area Capacity
  • Baking Tray Included

The Big Bertha 12 Volt Oven takes 12 volt cooking to the next level with 13L of cooking capacity with Two Elements, enabling you to use just the TOP, just the BOTTOM or BOTH elements at the same time.
Each element independently draws 10 Amps / 120 Watts at 12 volts when operating fully.
With an adjustable temperature control up to 180oC the oven is thermostat controlled.
A two-hour count down timer allows you to keep track of your cooking time while protecting your battery.

Big Bertha comes with two baking racks as well as a deep-dish baking tray.
They can be used interchangeably according to your cooking style with the racks being telescopic making it easier to remove the food.

The baking tray is designed to hang on the top to allow for maximum air flow, 360° around the meal being cooked creating a more even cook and is ideal for meals that are wet, like marinated chicken wings.

The oven is fully insulated with a double layer of insulation on the door.

The unit is safe to recess as it does not require ventilation.

Your Big Bertha comes with two extra strong mounting brackets making it easy to install either tied ‘down’ to a shelf or tied ‘up’ to the underside.

The ONLY power option is via the supplied Anderson Plug.

Care needs to be taken in selecting wiring to the Anderson plug with a minimum of 6mm2 for a maximum route length of 2m going up to 8mm2 for 2 - 5m.

Made from stylish 304 stainless steel it is ready to handle even the harshest of situations and environments.

It is easy to clean and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Big Bertha is flexible enough to cook for one but Big enough to easily cook for the whole family, or more!

Material 304 Stainless Steel
Colour Silver
AMP Draw 20A
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions External (mm) W 362 x H 255 x D 297
Dimensions Cooking Area (mm) W 308 x H 150 x D 282
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